Tea Date.

I just recovered from a horrible sickness that lasted far too long for my liking! To recover from the sickness and regain my voice; I have been drinking cup after cup of tasty tea! A guy I had been talking to knew that I lost my voice and asked me out. Guess where we went. I am sure it goes without saying, but yes, we did go out for tea. And this little ensemble is what I wore!

  • Earrings- Fossil
  • Shirt- Moulinette Soeurs [from Anthropologie]
  • Tank Top- hand-me-down
  • Watch- Fossil
  • Rings- Pandora [right hand ring finger] & EvesAddiction [thumb]
  • Belt- Vintage Vera
  • Pants- Calvin Klein
  • Shoes- Aerosole

Almost everything I am wearing has a very unique story. I love to tell stories so here we go!

These earrings are fun and kind of simple, not crazy with bling or beads. Nothing super special but I love to break out my twirly earrings every once in a while! Now, the funny thing is, every single time I wear these earrings I get compliments on them. And the majority of the compliments come from guys! It is strange because my dad, who is a machinist and a farmer, has complimented me on them. Guys I work with have, random guys on the street, my guy friends, my uncles, and honestly, the list goes on. I just think it is cute how so many men notice my twirly earrings! [Yes, they do spin around!!]

I have been drooling over this watch for over a year and finally bought it…. I am still in love with the classic look that it has!

This shirt was one of the many items I bought from Anthropologie during their last big sale… I had fun, and my closet is very happy about it too!

I found my belt at ‘My Sister’s Closet.’ Many of you may be thinking “Oh boy, Mary has one upset sister right now….” But in reality, they are both very happy! My Sister’s closet is an adorable thrift store in uptown Minneapolis. As I was leaving this belt was pointed out to me. I fell in love right away and I am so happy that I did not pass by it. I love the yellow suede leather  with the two-toned hardware!

Those shoes have been on quite the adventure with me! I bought them last year when I visited NYC. Little did I know that when I bought them I would be carrying them around all day long. Not only did I carry them around all day long, but, I also carried them through a snow storm. The snow was coming down and my shoes just happened to be in a paper bag which got wet and ripped. Oops!! I was also drenched. So there I was carrying my shoes without a bag through NYC. Upon walking up the stairs from the subway I realized that the 100 taxis’ from previous nights had vanished!! I was stuck at a subway station in the middle of a blizzard…. with my shoes! After waiting for an hour the last bus there was persuaded into driving one more route. So he brought me closer to my hotel, which was very nice. Now, every time I wear these shoes I just giggle. That night was beautiful and wonderful and kind of pathetic, but I love the memories that it holds!


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