A New Realization.

I’ve just realized that when I had the idea to (or rather, others told me I ought to) create a fashion blog, I thought through almost everything- save that I do not own a camera.  Mine was stolen this summer when some big old meanie smashed a window on my car, stole my purse- containing my camera and wallet with 3 dollars in cash, bought 300 dollars worth of groceries for their starving family (I like to think the best in people) and lots of gas. They then stupidly dropped off what they thought was not valuable near the dumpster at a Target.  Silly thief- they ought to have sold my purse and wallet on e-bay.  They’d have made a whole lot more that way.  Thankfully, I got back my ID, epi-pen, and a filled up Tea Garden stamp card.  Score.

Point of the story?  These pictures are from my roommate’s iPhone.

Maybe at some point I’ll attempt to learn how to pose.  Or look less awkward in pictures.  For now, it is what it is.

My favorite part of this dress?  I can wear it either way.  The tag is in the back, but I could easily flip it and wear it as a scoopneck dress.

I’ve always wanted a “sparkle” dress, and when I went home, my mom bought me one!  I emerged halfway through getting ready, and my 3 year old nephew raised his eyebrows (I believe the sequins overwhelmed him) and said “Oh, auntie- you look cute!”  When I told him I wasn’t finished getting ready but wanted a picture with him, he decided we could dance to music and take pictures. He then ran off to his playroom to “get ready” also.  I wore this to a benefit dinner that I attended and taught a dance lesson at, then had my roommate take pictures once I got home.

Dress- S.L. Fashions.

Stockings- Nicole Miller.  First time wearing them, and I snagged them with a new lapis ring. Bummer.

Shoes- Rocketdog.

Goal?  Get a camera.


2 thoughts on “A New Realization.

  1. Believe it or not I get good posing tips from Tyra and America’s Next Top Model. lol Some of the older seasons can be helpful for posing tips, in between all the model drama. Also you might want to try adorama.com or bhphotovideo.com along with Amazon for a good deal on a camera.

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