Happiness is… [by Kelsey]

1. Hearing “Auntie, I love you.”

2. Cranberry Juice with Lime, and no red food coloring.

3. Woven rugs.  They are too cute.

4. The little golden teapot charm my mom gave me this week.

5. Doctors who can take all the cancer out.

6. Talking about twirly dresses with a group of four year olds.

7. Helping others.

8. Old movies. Specifically Roman Holiday.

9. Remembering that a friend left her super nice camera in your possession, so you do, in fact, have a really nice camera to take outfit photos with.

10. A Barista boy who made a snowman for me because I was so excited about the falling snow!

Have a lovely and inspired week!


One thought on “Happiness is… [by Kelsey]

  1. Happy Monday. This post helped me to never forget about the small gestures in life that brings about happiness. It is Monday and I am in my office while i envy anyone who is at home sleeping it with a nice warm cup of coffee..lol.


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