Simple Happiness.

1. Hearing the cutest little three year old girl tell me that I am adorable.

2. Paper snowflakes inside when there is no snow outside.

3. Good talks and laughing until my tummy hurts with my best friend, Christine.

4. White hot chocolate and reading Caribou cups.

5. Seeing couples together. The looks on their faces, the twinkle in their eyes, and the love in their hearts is very beautiful to me.

6. Estate sales and great finds.

7. Good guys.

8. Throat Coat Tea! Thank you for saving my voice, or most of it at least… A little boy was  showing me his new pet lizard and it jumped on me and startled me. When I screamed, nothing came out. We could not stop laughing!

9. Making others laugh and being told that I am witty!

10. YOU! Thank you for supporting us. Watching this blog grow so much in the first week has really been a blessing.

This is a list of the ten things that warmed my heart this past week.

XoXo. Mary


2 thoughts on “Simple Happiness.

  1. you guys have inspired me to write a “simple happiness post”…i love caribou coffee..especially the hot warms your body and soul….

    it is the smallest things that brings the biggest joy! Congrats on your new blog.

    I will be following your happiness…

    • I am glad that you have been inspired! I do not know if you read our “Meet Little Mary” and “Meet Kelsey Kristianne” pages, but at the end of mine I said that I wanted to inspire and be inspired. WordPress has brought me both inspiration and those inspired by myself. It is bringing a huge smile to my face every single time!! Thank you! I will keep an eye out for your “10 things!”
      XoXo. Mary

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