Winter is Here.

I really wanted to say winter is [finally] here, but then I remembered how incredibly cold it was today!! We were very blessed with the ‘spring-like’ weather we had last week. I think I heard that with windchill it got down to -5 degrees today! BRR! Our beautiful spring in January has come to an end. And it is supposed to reach -20 sometime soon, but I cant quite remember when! Sadly, I am not one of those super tough Minnesotans and I become a baby when the weather gets below 10 degrees. That being said my little icicle fingers are done for the night. This my friends, is what I wore today…

From head to toe, in brands I love…

  • Earrings- Fossil [sadly, I did not get a good shot of them.}
  • Sweater- Gap
  • Messenger Bag- Fossil
  • Pants- Kasil
  • Boots- Vintage Guess

I really hope you enjoyed this outfit and come back to see what I will wear next!

Also, I hope you all stay very warm! Speaking of keeping warm; what do you do to stay warm? I can not wait to hear back!! =]





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