Happy Valentine’s Day.

I don’t know about you, but, I love Valentine’s day!! I know I don’t need a day to tell those closest to me I love them or to show them that I care. But there is something awfully adorable and heart catching about this silly little holiday! The [extra] love in the air, the roses everywhere! It’s the flowers, hearts, cards, and smiling faces! I enjoy seeing everybody wearing pink and red. Couples everywhere and special gestures. Have you ever heard the saying, “there is power in numbers?” Maybe that’s what it is about Valentine’s day. Sure you love your family, friends and significant other every single day. But maybe it is celebrating on the same day as everyone else that is what makes it so special.

On this love[ly] day I wore a simple pink sweater and purple socks to work. I was greeted with many “Happy Valentine’s Day” wishes from the little girl I care for all day long. She excitedly handed me a pink and red bag filled with chocolate, tea and an adorable card signed by her markings and her brother’s signature. I dressed her in a shirt filled with hearts and topped her with a red bow. Then we read multiple Valentines books. We made heart-shaped pizza, and chocolate candy heart suckers. As a surprise for ‘mommy and daddy’ we even made a few chocolate covered strawberries! When her brother got home he was very happy to show off all of the valentine’s that he had received at school while telling us all about his day! It was a good day at work. Although I was very excited to get home from work!!

When I got home I got ready for the evening. I put on my pink dress and my favorite high heels. My family and I spent the evening together and went out to dinner. I absolutely love spending time with my family!! It was a very lovely evening!! I am very blessed by who love me!! They definitely showed it!

Today I was spoiled. I received lots of chocolate, multiple cute cards, some tea, a good dinner, ice cream… and roses with a thoughtful note from a cute guy! =] The only other thing I could have asked for was some conversation hearts!! Thank you everybody!!!

I hope you all had a love[ly] Valentine’s day! Don’t take those you love for granted, and always remember that you are so very loved!!

These are my favorite shoes, by far! ❤

I was wearing…

  • Earrings- Fossil
  • Dress- Vintage
  • Shoes- Steve Madden

So Happy.

1. Making people smile.

2. Acting like I am little again, doing the things I did when I was young.

3. Painting.

4. Doing nothing special but having a blast doing it.

5. Photo shoots with little children; “Can I see it? Can I see it?!”

6. Special moments you share with one person that you laugh about for years and nobody else understands.

7. Being visited at work by the family that I nanny for!

8. Pistachio gelato!! I had it twice this week and each time I jumped up and down like a three year old!! I absolutely love pistachio gelato!

9. Laughing at my laugh.. and your laugh and his laugh.. even her laugh too! It is always fun to be in those giggly moods!

I really enjoy writing my “10 things” every single week!! It makes me very happy to look at my week [whether good or bad] and list out all of the things that made me happy! I could probably list 100 things a week… It really is a wonderful life!!! =]

Now the question is- What made YOU ‘So Happy’ this week??

Ice Skating.

I do not know why, exactly, but there is something very magical about ice skating. The warm laughter and friendly smiles. Which bring a great deal of joy to my heart! I love being bundled up in warm hats, mittens, scarves, and multiple layers of socks while being surrounded by crisp cool air! I especially love ice skating at night, when the moon and stars are out for a visit. Skating on a river lined with street lights and Christmas lights. There is something so old fashioned and lovely about ice skating that just steals my heart every time!! Sure my toes may be cold, but that is what friends and hot coco are for!!

For my sister’s 17th birthday my family and I went out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory [YUM] then we all went out ice skating. It was a very fun evening! This is what I wore!

  • Hat- amati accessori [Anthropologie]
  • Scarf- A little boutique in Grand Marais all I know is that it is Pashmina
  • Coat- DKNY
  • Gloves- Target
  • Pants- Daughters of the Liberation [Anthropologie]
  • Ice Skates- Riedell- Soft

Those are my [not so] little sisters! Laura, and Lisa!