So Happy.

1. Making people smile.

2. Acting like I am little again, doing the things I did when I was young.

3. Painting.

4. Doing nothing special but having a blast doing it.

5. Photo shoots with little children; “Can I see it? Can I see it?!”

6. Special moments you share with one person that you laugh about for years and nobody else understands.

7. Being visited at work by the family that I nanny for!

8. Pistachio gelato!! I had it twice this week and each time I jumped up and down like a three year old!! I absolutely love pistachio gelato!

9. Laughing at my laugh.. and your laugh and his laugh.. even her laugh too! It is always fun to be in those giggly moods!

I really enjoy writing my “10 things” every single week!! It makes me very happy to look at my week [whether good or bad] and list out all of the things that made me happy! I could probably list 100 things a week… It really is a wonderful life!!! =]

Now the question is- What made YOU ‘So Happy’ this week??


Truly Happy.

1. Hearing, “Goodbye Mary, I will see you tommario!” in the sweetest little voice, everyday that I leave work!

2. Smiles so big that your face cant even fit your smile anymore.

3. Dancing the night away with good friends and lots of laughter.

4. New haircuts. And fun new hair styles!

5. Long phone calls.

6. Staying up late.

7. Cleaning. More so, the idea of getting things done.

8. Relaxing. Sitting back and just enjoying where you are.

9. Red lipstick and the silly marks it leaves on my cup.

10. Root beer. And the funny feeling your nose gets when you drink it.

I may have had a long week, and been tired for a lot of it, probably a little grumpy at times…. But looking back, my week was wonderful. I really enjoyed it!

XoXo. Mary

Happiness is… [by Kelsey]

1. Spending time with friends.

2. Rocking one of my favorite little guys when he woke up scared at naptime.  We sat in the rocking chair and rocked for 15 minutes, with him all wrapped up in his blanket, curled in towards me.  Anytime I’d slow down, he looked up and said a muffled “wock” through his nook.

3. Happening upon a sale at Anthropologie.

4. Meeting and getting to know new people.

5. Girly sleepovers.

6. Changing the sound of my alarm clock- I actually wake up now!

7. Liking my old favorite cereal, Quaker Oatmeal Squares, again. (It’s all I ate for 3 and a half years straight, then I lost my taste for it… now I like it again!)

8. Complementing strangers.

9. Wearing my Norwegian sweater overtop of my outfit and under my coat just to stay warm.

10. Being the only girl on the broomball court, being the referee, and wearing lipstick.  (Not a conscious decision, but I laughed when I looked in the mirror afterwards!)

Surely Happy.

1. Having long conversations with little children.

2. Having a great friend thousands of miles away but feeling them so close.

3. Good music. The stuff that is joyful, and beautiful.

4. Getting things done.

5. Reminiscing. [Especially when you can remember exactly what you were doing a year ago.]

6. A flexible job.

7. Making big plans and awaiting them.

8. Sleepovers. I would have them more often if I could!

9. The song ‘You are my Sunshine’

10. My sisters and my parents. They are so much fun to talk to and hangout with.

I have had a great week, and I hope you have too!

What made you Happy this week?

XoXo. Mary

Happiness is… [by Kelsey]

1. Hearing “Auntie, I love you.”

2. Cranberry Juice with Lime, and no red food coloring.

3. Woven rugs.  They are too cute.

4. The little golden teapot charm my mom gave me this week.

5. Doctors who can take all the cancer out.

6. Talking about twirly dresses with a group of four year olds.

7. Helping others.

8. Old movies. Specifically Roman Holiday.

9. Remembering that a friend left her super nice camera in your possession, so you do, in fact, have a really nice camera to take outfit photos with.

10. A Barista boy who made a snowman for me because I was so excited about the falling snow!

Have a lovely and inspired week!

Simple Happiness.

1. Hearing the cutest little three year old girl tell me that I am adorable.

2. Paper snowflakes inside when there is no snow outside.

3. Good talks and laughing until my tummy hurts with my best friend, Christine.

4. White hot chocolate and reading Caribou cups.

5. Seeing couples together. The looks on their faces, the twinkle in their eyes, and the love in their hearts is very beautiful to me.

6. Estate sales and great finds.

7. Good guys.

8. Throat Coat Tea! Thank you for saving my voice, or most of it at least… A little boy was  showing me his new pet lizard and it jumped on me and startled me. When I screamed, nothing came out. We could not stop laughing!

9. Making others laugh and being told that I am witty!

10. YOU! Thank you for supporting us. Watching this blog grow so much in the first week has really been a blessing.

This is a list of the ten things that warmed my heart this past week.

XoXo. Mary