… Happy Belated Monday!

Hello, all!  Last night Mary and I both showed up to cheer on friends who were competing in a dance competition. The competition was held at Famous Dave’s, where Davina and the Vagabonds put on a great show. We snuck out between rounds to take a few pictures!

Here’s what we wore:


  • Dress- Vintage, via Mighty Swell
  • Necklace- Vintage charms from my grandmother, a key and a teapot from Egypt.
  • Belt- Likely Target
  • Tights- Simply Vera
  • Socks- Target
  • Boots- Bandolino


  • Earrings- Fossil
  • Ring- Fossil
  • Shirt- Delias
  • Tank top- Loft
  • Pants- Levi’s
  • Socks- Urban Outfitters
  • Shoes- Fossil

Un-sunny Sunday.

Kelsey and I have decided that our “together post” would be posted every Monday, so if those are your favorites, be sure to check back every Monday!! This is actually what we wore yesterday. We both spent our Sunday morning the way we love to; at Aster, in Minneapolis. The atmosphere is great, the food is delicious, the people are wonderful and the live band, Patty and the Buttons is always so much fun! Every Sunday morning at Aster is a lovely one. If you live close by, we highly recommend it!

On Kelsey:

  • Necklace- Thrift Store
  • Tshirt- Target
  • Dress- Topshop
  • Belt- Target
  • Tights- Nicole Miller
  • Shoes- Keds
On Mary:
  • Sweater- Sleeping on Snow [Anthropologie]
  • Dress- Gap
  • Socks- Target
  • Boots- Fossil

Craft Day.

Well, we’ve decided that instead of simply telling people to check out our blog, we’d like to hand them something tangible.  We’re working on watercoloring our business cards as I write this!  (Well, Little Mary is, at least.  I’m obviously posting right now.) Here’s what we wore today.

On Mary

  • Hair Flower- Target
  • Earrings- Fossil
  • Scarf- Old Navy
  • Coat- American Eagle
  • Shirt- Target, Xhilaration
  • Skirt- Anthropologie, Maeve
  • Leggings- Anthropologie, Eloise
  • Boots- Fossil

On Kelsey

  • Sweater- Cynthia Rowley
  • Dress- Vintage
  • Belt- Old Navy
  • Necklaces- Were my Grandmother’s
  • Tights- Simply Vera
  • Heels- Sofft

Winter’s Finery.

Little Mary and I both feel strongly about the seasons: their changing, the feelings we associate with them, their colors, the clothing we wear.  While it hasn’t been feeling much like winter around here, we’ve still stuck to our typical wintery palettes.  It feels appropriately festive.

On Little Mary: feathered headband, vintage; earrings, Fossil; sweater, boutique; skirt, Anthropologie; socks, Target; boots, vintage Guess.

On Kelsey: dress, vintage; belt, Target; tights, HUE; shoes, Target.

Winter-at least, sort of.

Here we both are standing outside of Four Seasons, a dance studio in Minneapolis.  We wanted a nice, wintery picture to commemorate the season.  Somehow, however, Mother Nature has tricked us all- Minneapolis is experiencing spring-time weather in what is supposed to be the absolute dead-of-winter.

Winter Weather? Maybe it'd feel more realistic if we had some snow.

On Kelsey: white hat, Old Navy; grey coat, vintage; gloves, gift; tights, HUE; boots, American Living.

On Little Mary: brown hat, Nine West; earrings, Fossil; burgundy scarf, Target; green coat, Old Navy; gloves, Target; pants, Calvin Klein; boots, Fossil.