Happiness is… [by Kelsey]

Yes, this is coming late.  I’m terribly sorry.

1. Spending the night with my sister-in-law and the kids.

2. Sleeping with the baby monitor and waking up in the middle of the night to feed my 9 month old niece a bottle.

3. New volunteers for the programs I run!  (My life just got simpler)

4. Fourth grade boys who are proud of their art projects.

5. Earl Grey cupcakes with lavender frosting. Thank you, roommate!!

6. Winter white, A line skirt.  I should have gotten pictures.  Whoops!

7. My mom doesn’t need radiation!

8. Finding your sunglasses that you bought and promptly lost the day after you bought them…

9. Lovely weather!

10. Fresh flower. (I just drew it the other day)



Get Ready.

This will soon be filled with the fashions and commentary of two people who are of the same substance, yet exist in two entirely different worlds.  Luckily, these worlds collided this past year, and the two girls are now friends.  The thing that brings them together the most?  Their similar take on fashion, manifested in slightly different ways.