Meet Little Mary.

Hello Friends, welcome to my closet! My name is Mary Elizabeth, although Kelsey likes to call me Little Mary. Together, Kelsey and I are writing ‘Twice as Nice,’ a fashion blog!

I am a nanny, a dancer, an artist and a dreamer. I spend a lot of my time working at Fossil, one of my favorite stores, and also taking care of two children as a nanny. I spend a lot of my time working between my two jobs, but I love it! In my free time I enjoy dancing, hanging out with those I love, drawing, painting, long walks, reading beautiful poetry, going to the park, and eating delicious food. I started dressing myself when I was only a year and a half old; I have loved picking my outfit for the day ever since! In middle school when I was asked what my favorites things to do were, I always responded with, “I love to get dressed in the morning!” Everybody thought I was crazy, and you might even think so too; but, I found that it is just another fun, wonderful way for me to express my creativity!

Someday I want to change the world! I have not quite figured out how to, but I hope that someday I can find a way. I have many dreams and goals, one of my goals in life is to inspire and be inspired! So, whether you are having a bad clothes day [which happens to me quite often], want to see what is out there, or you are just “surfing the web,” I hope that our blog brings a little bit of inspiration to you!

Thank you for taking a peek!


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